I am thankful to be here at “THE ROCK” a place we can all call home with people we can truly call family. I am passionately in love with our mission; the GREAT ASSIGNMENT Jesus has commissioned us to do here in NEWARK.

I don’t want to be just another pastor or leader known for what they have accomplished. I want to be known as a simple man who believed in a call and did the best he could with what he was entrusted. My prayer is that in the final day of my life here on earth, as I exit that which is mortal in this life my Lord and savior would call to me with the voice of an archangel the words of Matthew come good and faithful servant. I truly count myself among the most privileged people on earth. I am extremely proud of my Staff, Pastors and leaders. I thought I would share these thoughts with you about Pastors heart, Philosophy and the cost of reaching lives for Jesus. 

1- My philosophy in leadership and my purpose in Preaching are not to impart knowledge, but to influence behavior.

2- My purpose is not to simply inform people but to transform lives. 

3- My goal is not to make those that chose to enter the ranks of leadership here at the ROCK into listeners that are more educated but laborers that are more Christ-like.

4- My purpose in ministry is to provide a safeguard of Biblical purity and practical teachings that will serve to further God’s Kingdom for generations to come after me.

5- Staying true to the Word of God and confronting twisted theology and philosophies of men, and staying free from legalism are priority for me as your pastor.

6- God wants to provoke us, His leaders for the 21st century here in Newark into greatness for His glory.

7- The Bible reminds us that walking in God’s favor means honoring God’s priority.

God desires that we reach the lost of our city with the Gospel of Jesus, and He is asking of us that we do our very best. He gave His Son for sinners this is a truth that changes lives. Reaching lives for Jesus always gets God’s attention. Among all poverty in America there is non greater than living a life without Jesus.


-Rev. Carmelo Roman



Our Vision – Loving Christ, Serving People, Touching the World


Our Mission- Building and equipping God’s people to do the Holy

work of the ministry to establish the Church of Jesus

Christ for the Glory of God


Five Purposes of the Church:


1.      Worship: Worship is demonstrated through a lifestyle of humility, generosity, prayer, and an infectious passion for Christ, His Church, and His Kingdom


2.     Discipleship: Discipleship is teaching people to obey the Word of God and reproducing His life in others.


3.     Fellowship: Fellowship is connecting people to an authentic Christ-centered community by loving, caring, and serving each other.


4.     Evangelism: Evangelism is reaching people through building authentic relationships that demonstrate Christ’s love.


5.     Gift Oriented Ministry: Gift oriented ministry is assisting people in identifying, developing, and releasing their God-given gifts.